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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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travelers? >> tables turn. police want to know if a person shot inside a home was actually a burglar. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. three people have been stabbed at work at state university in baltimore. our affiliate wbal is reporting that the three victims are football players and a suspect is in custody. one of the victims was stabbed in the chest and is in serious condition. our affiliate in baltimore has crews on the scene. we'll be posting updates on twitter as they come in and on the air once we have more. i'm wendy rieger. a man shot inside a fairfax county home in what police believe may have been a botched burglary attempt. >> investigators are on the scene on a home along lenore lane in alexandria where
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northern virginia bury chief david culvert is live with details. >> reporter: police just wrapped up within the past 20 minutes or so leaving the scene and taking down the crime scene tape. this is where it started according to police at 8:30 this morning, a man trying to break into this home. it ended with a gunshot and then police say the man wounded, running down this street while bleeding. investigators ss spent the whole day going in and out of the house. they've got the gun and it belongs to the homeowner but they won't confirm the theory that the homeowner shot in self-defense. the man who ran from the house wounded got to the busy intersection with telegraph road. he tried to board a bus or flag it down while bleeding. at that time an officer pulled up and took him into custody. >> we'll be trying to ascertain whether there was any relationship between the two individuals. that the point, we have nothing to suggest there is. >> you're looking at the house where this started.
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only one person was home at the time. the dad, his wife was not here neither were his two teenage kids. neighbors describe him as helpful, security conscious. the house is surrounded with several security cameras. at 5:00, you'll hear from a witness who lives across the street. he was out here at 8:30 this morning, watched it all unfold and spoke to the man who was wounded running down the street. you'll hear what he has to say in the next hour. a d.c. police officer who is also a pastor is facing charges he sexually abused a 16-year-old girl. police tell us daryl best was off duty at the time. the girl claimed he attacked her. he was her pastor at the god, a second-chance ministry church on southern avenue. the girl told police he abused her multiple times in the last few months. police arrested best last night. coming up at 5:00, mark segraves will have a live report with the latest outside d.c. superior
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court. several businesses in downtown tc have reopened now and people are back to work following a natural gas leak. this happened just before lunchtime here on m street northwest between 17th and 18th. no one was hurt. but the leak did force people in several buildings to evacuate and m street was temporarily shut down. >> like, they -- the street started filling with gas and then like 11:00, they evacuated us. we got a phone call that the building was being evacuated. it was relatively calm for the fact that multiple buildings in the area were being evacuated. >> we're told construction crews broke a gas line right in the middle of m street. right now that man -- >> we're going the get you off this plane, buddy. we're going to get you off this plane. >> that man is being investigated after a disturbance on a united airlines flight. adam tuss is live at washington
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dulles with an update. >> reporter: barbara, what we can it will you today is that man's identity has still not been released and no charges have been filed against him at this time. now, take a look. this is the dramatic cell phone video that we've been showing you. if you haven't seen it it's pretty incredible. as the incident was unfolding you can see here several passengers jumping directly into the situation, holding this man down until the plane returned to the gate. the man was then taken to a local hospital for evaluation. now, one passenger on board the flight texted her husband at colorado saying it was the scariest moment in her life. in my next report at 5:00 what would you do have done if you were on that plane? right now, l.a.-minute preparations are under way for a royal visit, charles and camilla, the duke and duchess of cornwall, are headed to the nation's capital. we'll sit down with the british
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ambassador to the united states to talk about what's in store in about ten minutes. another royal making news tonight, prince harry is leaving the british armed fors after ten years of military service. he says it was a really tough decision to make. other than being a royal, no word yet on what his future plans are. secret service director joseph clancy was grilled up on capitol hill today about the latest scandal rocking his agency. we live streamed his testimony on our nbc washington app. clancy told congress he's frustrated that he didn't learn about the alleged misconduct of two senior officers until five days after the incident. steve handelsman has the story of the shocking way he learned of the news in our next half hour. house speaker john boehner says he wishes him well republican congressman aaron shock, abruptly resigned this afternoon. he's faced weeks of questions about lavish spending on everything from rereck dek rating his office to resemitbl set of "downton abbey" so using public funds for personal trips.
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in a statement, he said in his word "the constant questions over the last six weeks have prove an great distraction that has made it too difficult for me to serve." there is growing concern today for a missing prince george's county woman. 72-year-old dorothy fairweather was last seen on friday. that's in upper marlboro. she was wearing a blue shirt, blue pants, no shoes at the time. she has black hair but sometimes wears a red wig. if you have seen fairweather, call prince george's county police. a spotsylvania woman is in jail acued of murdering her husband. laurence smith said she accidentally shot her husband john last evening but based on forensic evidence and interviews smith was charged with second-degree murder. she's being held without bond. get ready, folks. this afternoon storm team 4 tracking some pretty serious changes to our weather. >> you'll start to feel the difference very soon.
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and within a few days you could so even see the difference too. let's get a check with storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson in the weather center. >> for sure. spring never trust the season of spring. very fickle. we're going see those changes take place very quickly during the overnight period. today a lot of folks of course enjoying the sunshine and, yes, the warmth too. temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the low 70s across the area. get this 74 fredericksburg around quantico 75 degrees in charlottesville charlottesville. but big changes coming. all you have to do is take a look at our wider map, that blue that's the cold around morgantown around pittsburgh state college, in the 40s right now. by tomorrow morning, our temperatures will be dropping to the low and mid-30s across the area. but with the wind it will feel like it's 30 degrees. how long and, yeah you probably heard it already, the chance for a little bit of snow at the end of the week. i'll take you through it with a time line. it's a simple chore that could damage your home. fist at 4 today, the sudden
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uptick in a home hazard in our area and what you can do to protect your house and your family. not your average fender-bender. we now know what caused an accident in one community that could have put a lot of others in harm's wa
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the attorney for robert
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durst says the millionaire is not guilty of the murder charge against him. durst was in court this morning for a second time in two days this time over drug and weapons charges in louisiana. police found a revolver and 150 grams of marijuana in his hotel room when they arrested him saturday on that murder charge. durst's attorney says that charge is based on a show instead of the facts. in that hbo documentary "the jinx," durst is heard talking to himself and saying he quote, killed them all, referring to his wife a neighbor and a close friend. five women cla la crosse players at the university of maryland baltimore county are suspended indefinitely after sending threatening text messages about their freshmen teammates. according to the school the players threatened to kill the underclassmen as well as the team's coaches. the athletic director didn't discuss specifics but said they're taking action to protect the freshmen. along with the suspensions, the team has been practiceing without any contact drills.
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the players allegedly wrote the messages in the private social media chat room group meet. charges this afternoon in an accident involving drag racing. michael yanic of spotsylvania is charged with reckless driving and racing after a crash shut down route 1. he crashed into another vehicle that turned in front of him. both drivers are in the hospital with serious injuries. the other vehicle involved in the drag race wasn't part of the crash. the british are coming. what's in store for a royal visit to our area? we sit down with a man who will be alongside them for much of their stay this week. first at 4, almost that time of year for some long trips in the car, so should you be ready to pay extra cash just to get there? and this weather is about to take a nosedive on us.
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irish prime minister fulfilled a st. patrick's day tradition with a visit to the white house today. he and president obama talked about immigration, trade, ukraine, and counterterrorism. he also gave president obama a book of poetry by william butler yates, the first irish citizen ever to receive the nobel prize in literature. the president noted that yates is one of his favorite poets.
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outside the white house there's a nod to the irish. the water in the fountain on the south lawn is green today in honor of st. patrick's day. the tradition started back in 2009. it was first lady michelle obama's idea. she was inspired by the celebrations back home in chicago where the city marks the holiday by dyeing the chicago river green. this afternoon our area is getting ready for a royal visit. >> we sure are. charles and camilla, the duke and duchess of cornwall are on their way right now to the nation's capital. joining us this afternoon in the studio sir peter westmicot, the british ambassador to the u.s. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> pressure is on. hours awayway literally and you're head to the airport to see them. what is the reason for their visit? what's behind it? >> well we've always thought that royal visits are a very important part of the relationship between the united states and the united kingdom. even a couple hundred years ago we decided to take a different route, but we've had the two young princes here in the last
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few months prince harry, prince william, the duchess of cambridge in new york even the princess royal. it was high time in my judgment that the prince of wales and duchess of cornwall should come here. they came to the united states ten years ago after they were married for their first overseas visit together. they have a personal attachment to this country, and so i'm thrilled that they are coming back at this time. >> and where are they going to stay? >> they're going to stay at my house. >> oh yes? all set for them? >> well we've been polishing the simp and putting on some clean sheets and so forth. i hope it meets with their approval. >> we know the prince loves gardening so the plants have to be in tiptop shape. >> as you know it was a long cold winter this year. not sure the garden is at its best. >> are have they spent time in washington before? >> yes, they have. >> as a married cup. >> not as long. they're spend three-game nights in washington and we have a packed program for them. >> what is on the agenda? >> all sorts. his or the chul and cultural trips, mt. vernon, the arnold
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forces retirement home see the cottage where president lincoln protowroet the first draft of the emancipation proclamation of course to the white house to see the president. the prince of wales will receive an important award from the caucus foundation. and he'll be going to a charter school rosario charter school meeting lots of kids. there will be some stuff on corporate responsibility environment, sustainability. lots going on. commemorating if you like the strength depth, breadth of the relationship. >> any private visits you want to share with us? >> there are one or two things that i'm not yet publicly on the agenda because i'm not allowed to make them public. you'll hear about them in due course. >> well good luck. all the best to you. >> thank you. >> sounds like a jam-packed few days. >> it will be jam-packed then we do a day in kentucky at the end before they go back to the united kingdom friday night. lots to do and we hope of course they enjoy the experience as athai always have in the past. >> we like your green tie.
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>> we're all green today. >> any socks to match? >> not today, but you don't want to look. >> we happen to remember a lot of people love the socks you were wearing when you were our guest for our christmas special. >> well thank you. >> the penguins on it. you love penguins. >> i do. a soft spot. i visit them many times in the deep south and i just think they are the cutest animal ever. >> i agree with you on that. >> great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. thank you very much. >> all the best this week. >> fingers crossed. >> yes. to find out more about the royal itinerary in washington visit nbc washington and search "royal visit." hey, guys. it may look sunny now, but there's a big storm going on and i think you might like it. that storm is a geomagnetic storm way up in space solar
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flares resulting in that geomagnetic storm. for us that means we can see the northern lights or possibly the auroras during the overnight, early part of the day tomorrow. look at this. we're clearing out. 67 degrees, mild now, we continue to see the thinning clouds. northern lights they're possible during the overnight, something we don't normally see around here. breezy conditions continue overnight. look at this. it's going to start cooling fast from all 67 to 43 by 11:00 p.m. then yes, you probably heard the talk object a few snowflakes by the end of the week. that will come from the storms down here south that we'll start tracking. this one will start making its way to the north and east and i think by the time we get to thursday morning we'll see rain kentucky areas of tennessee out ahead of it. as we get into late thursday night, a lot of cloud cover across the area. behind me you can see the pink, the white. that's a mixture of snow and a little bit of rain. by 11:00 p.m. thursday. what that means for us is that the end of the week as early as friday morning the chance for
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some snow coming into arias or back into areas, here when we thought that winter was over right? first day of spring. there it is cumberland winchester petersburg areas like culpeper and up to the north especiallily, frederick, maryland areas of howard county, the possibility of snowflakes mixed with rain. i don't think we'll see much in the way of any accumulation. way too warm but certainly something to talk about on the first day of spring. clear and cold breezy weather windchill base tomorrow morning that will be starting out in the 20s. folks, that is more than a 40-degree drop from what we're feeling today. so pull the coats back out or at least layer up for tomorrow. 27 to 35 degrees again is how we start the day tomorrow. so what to wear from the spring jacket to the coat the small umbrella and the rain boots, no rain in the forecast until we get to early friday morning. you will need, however, to pull out the coat make sure the kids are prepared at least a nice light coat for tomorrow. yes, it is going to be pretty bright and sunny.
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as a matter of fact 50 degrees in d.c., 51 la plata and waldorf, 46 in gaithersburg. a look at your four-day forecast right here. tomorrow not too bad. again, sunshine it's going to be breezy. that's going to deliver real chill compared to what we've been used to over the last if two days. your thursday partly sunny the high 53 and, again, there is your winter returning on the first day of spring. the high 43 degrees with a 70% chance. that probability fairly high we'll see a few snowflakes rain showers coming through starting early in the day. isle take you hour by hour for your friday and we'll look at the weekend forecast later in the newscast. >> thanks v.j. >> getting ready to put my coat somewhere. >> not so fast. she has the voice so many people are talking about this afternoon. >> oh, boy. did she blow them away last night. this afternoon this talented and soaring voice opens up about the changes and challenges that she's had to face even before her voice made it to the national tv spotlight.
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imagine retiring at the age of 24. that's the plan for one pro football player. but his reason for stepping away could affect so many others.
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the long-term effects of head trauma in the nfl has been a topic for a long time now.
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>> for one of the top rookies to walk away from the game after one season is raising new questions. mark barger has more on what this means for the nfl. >> chris borland's sudden retirement surprised but didn't shock harry carson. >> i know too many former players who are dealing with the residual effects of concussions. >> trying to avoid a similar fate, the 24-year-old borland told espn he was retiring after just one season. >> i just don't want to get in a situation where i'm goeshging my health for money. >> he said two condition cushions as a child and an incident last summer during training camp were factors in his decision as well as research some of which found as many as 3 in 10 nfl retirees suffer from all of a suddenzheimer's or dementia. the 49ers wish him happiness in his retirement saying while unexpected we certainly respect chris' decision. the nfl echoed that sentiment
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while also pointing out a 25% decline in concussions last season. the league indicated, "there is more work to do and player safety will continue to be our top priority." >> a pretty embarrassing statement. they sound like the tobacco industry talking about how they just created a safer cigarette. >> reporter: sports columnist dave cyr ren expects more players will follow borland's lead but dan patrick doubts it will be a mass exodus. >> if russell wilson announced today he was retiring now we have a game changer. chris borland is not a game changer. >> reporter: but borland's decision will keep the game from potentially changing him. mark barger, nbc news. first at 4, brand-new concerns about a devastating illness. >> this afternoon why so many doctors aren't just focusing on an aid worker who's being treated for ebola here in our area. hollywood meets washington. you or someone you know may have seen a celebrity or two around the city today.
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right now at 4:30, the lawmaker who decorated his capitol hill office to look like the set of "downton abbey" is stepping down. illinois congressman aaron shock says he'll resign at the end of the month after questions swirled around his use of taxpayer money. police in fairfax county believe the person shot inside an superstorm sandy home was a burglar caught in the act. he is expected to survive. about 90 minutes from now the royal visit will be under way. prince charles and his wife camilla, will spend several days in the nation's capital. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. in baltimore, three people have been stabbed at morgan state university. it happened outside a dining hall on campus. our affiliate wba slshgs
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reporting the three victims are football players and the stabbing stemmed from an argument. police say a person pulled a knife and started swinging. one of the players has a stab wound in the chest and a suspect is in custody and believed to be a student. a violent week on campus. another student was stabbed by his roommate over the weekend. i'm wendy rieger. back to you. members of congress slammed new secret service boss joseph clancy today on capitol hill days after the latest allegations of agent misconduct came to light. they made it clear they expect to see some big, bold action. >> as steve handelsman reports, it was they were disappointed. >> reporter: joseph clancy has run the secret service for just five mos, but house lawmakers cut him no slack. >> you can't run an agency like this for god's sakes, or any other agency. unless you have discipline in the ranks. >> reporter: looking nervous, clancy hurt himself revealing he's let homeland security investigate the latest secret service scandal, doing no probe
4:33 pm
of his own. >> if these two people were senior management you should be all over them today. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: clancy knows both mark connolly, second in command of president obama's detail and supervisor george ogilvie. after a party, they drove to the white house, barged into an active investigation, appeared intoxicated, but got sent home without sobriety tests. clancy admitted he was not informed for days and alcohol is a problem. >> it's going to take time to maybe to change some of this culture. there's no excuse for this information not to come up the chain. >> with all due respect, i'm shocked by your testimony. it seems to me it should take time to help people who think this is the culture to go get another job. >> reporter: clancy was part of the culture, a field agent for decades, but team obama says he's now shaking up secret service. >> so the president absolutely believes that director clancy is the right person for this job. >> reporter: many lawmakers are not so sure.
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they wanted somebody from outside secret service to take over and after today, several made clear they may still want that. i'm steve handelsman, mbznbc news capitol hill. this afternoon u.s. doctors are keeping a very yees klose eye on a group of people potentially exposed to ebola. four more medical aid workers have returned from west africa to be monitored for ebola. that brings the total number of aid workers to be flown back to the u.s. in the past week to 16. none has been diagnosed. they all worked alongside an aid worker who is being treated now in critical condition at the national institutes of health in bethesda. that person's name still hasn't been released. as we get a look at the devastation wreaked by psi loan pam, disaster officials say they expect the death toll in vanuatu to rise as more aid workers make it into the area. at least 11 people are confirm dead in the south pacific nation. unicef says the category 5 storm
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destroyed 15,000 homes and damaged another 42,000. a telecommunications blackout also caused by the cyclone has been one of the biggest challenges in getting relief into the country. it's ban few months now since gas prices around our area were below two bucks a gallon. news4's melissa mollet explains that this is the time of year that prices jump. but that may not be the case. >> you could spend less must be on gas for your summer road trips. sounds good to me. experts say we could see the national price for gas fall to below $2 a gallon sometime between may and october. that is peak driving season. gas prices usually go up this time of year as suppliers switch from the winter blend to the more expensive summer blend. however, the price of crude oil dropped to its lowest-foot level march and that means a big savings for all of us. we'll take it. celebrities have walked the halls of capitol hill today in an effort to boost the nation's investment in cancer research.
4:36 pm
actors pierce brosnan and marcia cross and nba hall of famer kareem abdul-jabbar were there. they appeared on behalf of the one degree campaign, which hopes to get congress to increase funding for nih, specifically allocating $1 billion for the national cancer institute. along with lawmakers and cancer survivors, the celebrities emphasize the importance of this research and the lifesaving results that it can have. >> this is something that congress can do that is not republican or democrat or independent. ipts a human issue. it's our health. and without, that we really don't have anything. it's the most cliche and most true thing in the world. >> the one degree campaign underscores the fact that we all know someone who is impacted by cancer. the unnerving uptick in a domestic danger that could happen to anyone. what you can do right now to avoid losing everything. storm team 4 is tracking some very big changes.
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>> and when we say big, we mean big, like really big. big change overnight with our temperature drop. we'll get reintroduced to winter as early as tomorrow morning. thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available
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from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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trader joe's says it's adding walnuts to a recall list
4:40 pm
because of salmonella concerns. it involves walnut halves and pieces and baking pieces as well as organic halves and pieces. so far no one has reported any illnesses. you can return them to the store for a refund. two home fires over the weekend and both started in clothes dryers. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins in the studio with details on how you can make sure this doesn't happen to you. >> the good news about this story is that these individuals in virginia are doing okay. they are okay. but the bottom line here is that it could have been prevented. take a look at some of these pictures we got from a manassas fire showing inside of one of the homes. it was a large fire that started inside the dryer. when we talked to the manassas fire marshall we learned that one of the fires was a result of improper wiring not done by a certified electrician. the other dryer fire we're told had a bad motor, which means it was probably due for a new machine or, you know to be
4:41 pm
replaced all together. he passed along this reminder. >> have their dryers checked, clean out the lint traps, make sure the plugs and circuit breakers are the proper amp ranches for the dryer. >> one more tip. check the venting system behind the dryer. make sure that's not damaged or restricted in my way. at 5:00 signing up for automatic bill payments. a lot of folks do this but it could cost more in the long run. we'll explain more on news 4 at 5:00. if you've got a story idea for the consumer watch, send us an e-mail or gives us a phone call. our best story ideas come from you. >> erika seeshgs you see you at 5:00. that spring-like feeling is going away. storm team 4 is tracking some big changes that are headed our way. some of them could bring, yes, snow. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer joins us in just a moment.
4:42 pm
plus -- >> wow. >> she has a voice that's captured the nation's ear. but this local star in the making as a story that has people talking.
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and welcome back. get ready for some very chilly changes. >> we have team coverage from storm team 4 this afternoon. chief meteorologist doug kammerer joins us in a moment. we begin with veronica johnson. what can we expect? >> we can expect really cold overnight. a lot of folks got spoiled today in the st. patrick's day. by the way, i can't wear green today. i'm not hannity holiday. in case you're wondering, the weather wall is green. >> that's right. >> good excuse. all of us have i don't know a bit of an excuse to pull the sweaters back out? i hate saying that. i know.
4:46 pm
but it is going to get pretty darn chilly tonight and then cold by morning. so we've got anything to do here this evening, walking the dog or temperature at 7:00 p.m. around 60 degrees and under a mostly clear sky. i do hope we will be able to see the auroras tonight under mostly clear skies. you can almost hear the temperatures going downward. 43 mostly clear by 11:00 p.m. so it will get chilly pap lot of folks count do you think days hoping this pattern, this cooler than average pattern won't be with us through march but it looks like it is. two more days until spring. send in your pictures of anything that you see spring out there. tweet it to tomorrow morning i said cold but it's really cold and windy. so let's go to meteorologist doug kammerer with more on those hourlies throughout the area on windchill temperatures. >> and the amazing thing about that is as warm as we got today, high temperature 73 degrees around the d.c. metro area some
4:47 pm
locations tomorrow could be 50 degrees colder or at least it will feel 50 degrees colder. take a look at the numbers tomorrow morning. waking up at 6:00 a.m. 22 to 25. that's the windchill tomorrow. around 6:00 we get better as the winds become more calm. temperatures there, windchills around 40 to 49 degrees. show it to you another way. feels-like temperature around 11:00 tonight, 33 in d.c. 27 in gaithersburg 31 in manassas. so even a 40-degree drop between 1:00 this afternoon and 11:00 tonight. that's what it's going to feel like out there. by early tomorrow morning, 29 in d.c. 24 back towards martinsburg and 12:00 in the afternoon, look at that. it is going to be a cold day tomorrow. today, the short sleeves. tomorrow the coats all over again. >> don't be deceived too much by the high temperature we're going to have tomorrow. 50 51 la plata, 49 manassas
4:48 pm
warrenton, leesburg germantown 46 the high temperature for tomorrow. it does put us below average on top of that with the wind as you heard doug say. it is going to feel rather brisk. saturday much better. there will be a few clouds seasonably mild 60 degrees. tidal basin not going to look like this but it is the festival that starts on friday so keep that in mind because we've got all through the early part of april. hopefully those temperatures will start coming up. 46 chilly. you'll need to grab a jacket on sunday. take a look at the storm team 4-day forecast for you, folks. friday that chance of rain. we drop to 43. the weekend again coming out of the warmth back to cool and 47 to 50 degrees. at least we're dry the early part of next week. but, again, that's rain and snow for friday. we've got more on news 4 at 5:00. ♪ you can't get enough you're going to have to face it ♪ ♪ you're addicted to love ♪ >> boy, they brought it but one
4:49 pm
in particular a powerful preponderance performance has earned a maryland high school another chance in "the voice." 17-year-old treeva gibson. >> her proud parents who are both deaf were cheering her on. kristin wright caught up with the talented teen at her frederick home. ♪ i seen the world ♪ >> reporter: surreal. treeva gibson only imagined this moment. a chance at superstardom on nbc's "the voice." thousands of miles from hollywood. at home in frederick, maryland, the walkersville high school junior is keeping the secret of secrets. how far has she made it in the competition? >> it's beyond exciting. i didn't think i would even make it to blinds let alone make it teen let alone have my coach be christine aguilera. >> reporter: all of the judges loved her voice and when they heard her story -- >> my parents are deaf so i
4:50 pm
don't have any sort of musical influence from them. >> your parents are deaf? >> yes. >> both parents? >> yes. >> wow. ♪ will you still love me ♪ >> deana and john gibson can't hear their daughter sing. they feel it. >> i look so beautiful, she says. whenever she sees my face and how i move and my expressions, i just look so happy and sad and emotional. >> reporter: and treeva has overcome her own challenges. >> people speaking it gets muffled sometimes so it's kind of hard to hear people and i usually have to rely on lipreading. >> treeva has mild to moderate hearing loss herself. it's not stopping her. ♪ will you still love me when i'm no longer beautiful ♪ >> reporter: treeva learned to sign before she could talk. her parents didn't listen to music. she never took lessons. >> so to have like christine aguilera and blake shelton looking at me and watching me sing it's really nerve-racking
4:51 pm
but really cool because at that moment i knew that i had potential do this. >> reporter: win or lose -- >> i've already surpassed my goals just by getting onto the show. >> reporter: this is a dream come true. ♪ and beautiful ♪ >> reporter: kristin wright news4. >> wow. what a gift she has. she is absolutely amazing. >> beautiful person with a great personality. >> we're rooting for her all the way. she's going to do it. unfortunately another local contestant d.c. attorney and country crooner jack gregory, was sent home last night. >> the next episode of "the voice" is tonight at 8:00 when the contestants take part in their final battles right here on nbc 4. now some stories we're working on in our newsroom this evening. it could be the beginning of some big changes for your children. we're looking at some of the long-term effects to improve child care services in one part of our region. plus here's something you don't hear all the time. crime in one community now lower
4:52 pm
than any time during the past decade. so what can other communities learn from it? a d.c. police officer charged with sexually abusing a teenaged girl now faces more charges involving a second victim. police say daryl best is also the pastor of the god -- a second chance ministry church on southern avenue. new charges allege one of the attacks happened in police headquarters while best was in uniform and armed. one of the victims told police best accused -- we'll have a live report on the new charges in minutes on news 4 at 5:00. now to japan where there are reports that death threats have been made against u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy. a man called the u.s. embassy in tokyo several times in february saying that he was going to kill kennedy. according to local media reports.
4:53 pm
the caller spoke english. the embassy is declining to comment on the investigation. caroline kennedy is the daughter of the late president john f. kennedy. pieces of life that are frozen in time. soon you'll be able to see pieces of history from a solemn day right here in our area. plus, caught in the middle of a terror spree. the man who was friends with one of the boston bombers explains why his gun was the one that fired a fatal shot.
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they're making some noise. the debate over the redskins name is not limbed to our area. the lancaster school district in new york state has decided to trop the nickname and mascot after other schools threatened to boycott games against them because of it. the school board voted in favor of a name change. the decision was unanimous. >> people ethic, and perceptions evolve. what was acceptable 70 years ago is clearly not acceptable today. >> the lancaster community cannot deny that the school nickname is a racial slur to the native americans. supporters of the nickname however, booed the decision. the board says it will begin the process of pibing a new mascot soon and students will be involved in the decision. starting tomorrow items from the boston marathon bombing will be part of a new exhibit at the
4:57 pm
crime museum. it's part of a domestic terrorism and hate crimes display. it features the boston bombing and other attacks committed in the u.s. including the september 11th attacks and letters from the so-called unabomber. at the boston bombing trial today, events leading to the capture of dzhokhar tsarnaev were the focus of testimony. and a former friend of the suspect told the court he gave tsarnaev the gun used to kill a police officer. nbc's chris pollone reports. >> reporter: that's man whose curiosity helped police locate and capture dzhokhar tsarnaev four days after bombs exploded at the finish line of the boston marathon. today the government called david henebury to the stand. he told several hours after police got into a shoot-out with dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother tamerlan, he looked out at his boat in his backyard. he noticed the shrink wrap cover was torn. he got a ladder and as he climbed up saw what he described as a lot of blood. he stepped inside the boat and saw a body. i could see his boots, he said
4:58 pm
his pants, hooded sweatshirt lying on his side, no movement at all. he called police and within moments the boat was surrounded. after police perped it with gunfire, more than 100 rounds tsarnaev surrendered. the jury saw a wooden slat with a message carved into it -- stop killing our innocent people and we will stop it said. later prosecutors also called one of tsarnaev's childhood friends to the stand. stefan silva revealed tsarnaev he gave tsarnaev the nine-millimeter handgun that was used to kill a police officer, carjack another man and fire at police during a gunfight. silva is in prison and reached a plea deal with prosecutors to testify. he said sarn yech asked to borrow the gun because he wanted to rob some college students. when silva demanded it back he said tsarnaev kept making excuses and never ended up returning it. he called in high school tsarnaev once told a teacher the united states was persecuting muslims. chris pollone, nbc news boston.
4:59 pm
right now on news4 at 5:00 breaking news from the campus of morgan state university. three students stabbed, a suspect in custody. what we're also learning about this case. and what's next for the passenger detained after that chaotic incident on a plane that was in flight from dulles to denver. and a man shot during what appears to be a botched home burglary. what he allegedly told witnesses as he ran from the scene. good evening, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. first up tonight, he was a pastor and a policeman, but today he's charged with taking advantage of a teenager he was supposed to be helping. >> court documents allege daryl best forced himself on the girl at least twice and she says during one of the incidents he had his gun still on his belt. news4's mark segraves is live on the scene. we're learning of a second victim too. is that right, mark? >> reporter: that's right, jim. explosive new details that just came out in a court hearing moments ago.
5:00 pm
two victims, one 16 years old and another 17 years old at the time of the attack. the 17-year-old told police that daryl best took her out to dinner in his police uniform and then said before taking her home he had to stop by his office. that office two doors down from d.c. superior court. metropolitan police headquarters. according to police documents, he took the 17-year-old girl to his office on the fifth floor, right down the hallway from the chief of police's office and that's where he sexually assaulted her while he was wearing his badge and his gun. in the second incident a 16-year-old girl said it happened at the church where he was the senior pastor in southeast washington. that happened on three separate occasions dating back to december of last year. the victim told police he took her out of choir practice one night and sexually assaulted her in his office inside the church. the family of that second victim confronted


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